Monday, April 13, 2015

Stress Relief Using Acupressure - How to apply effective pressure?


Reduce Stress and Worry Now!

How to apply effective pressures onto the energy points? If there was only one thing to remember it would be: make sure to be comfortable in what you are doing! Enjoying yourself, is the condition to fully benefit from your practice, because you will be regular at it without any effort.

Aside from that, moderation is a key word at all levels concerning the intensity of your practice. For a completely balancing and satisfying long term effect, apply the pressures, whether on yourself or on someone else, in a wholly relaxed way:

* Body: free from muscular tensions 
* Breathing: deep abdominal and natural 
* Mental: turned away from your daily thoughts or concerns 
* Mind: present, open, kind and gently focused

 Unless you make a routine of it, which is really not the point of this beautiful practice, you will never get bored with it because each Acupressure session is a wonderful life experience enabling you to enjoy meeting with yourself. In other words, standards or norms are not the main guidelines to an effective practice.

 A better way is to let yourself be guided by your inner feelings at each moment, here and now, and adjust your practice accordingly! The duration and intensity of each pressure or session are completely up to your feelings. With a minimum training you will be confident enough to follow your feelings and receive the maximum benefits!

Acupressure side effects are reduced to a minimum by respecting the elementary common sense:

* avoid treating yourself or anyone else when you are too tired or ill 
* avoid treating areas suffering from severe pains or inflammations, wounds or bruises 
* avoid treating the stomach area right after a rich meal Enjoy your practice!

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